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MEANT FOR MORE is a powerful, virtual workshop developed by Quanisha Green, MSS to help Black women entrepreneurs focus on the unique gifts their brilliant expertise has to offer the "high-end" business world.

Quanisha created this series with you in mind - the highly-educated Black woman who desires to own her time, work from anywhere, live on her own terms, and leave a legacy. The woman who knows she's meant for so much more and wishes she had a trusted guide, who understands her walk, to show her the way.

You'll discover how to operate your business as a Premium provider, showcase your high-level expertise (without giving it all away) so you earn more, and communicate so you attract clients who appreciate your value.

If the strategies you've used to grow your business aren’t allowing you to live the life you desire, or if you were taught by someone who didn’t get your unique walk, it’s time to give yourself permission to try something new.

Try something that grows your business and brings you more ease at the same time.

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You'll Learn...


Discover 5 Must-haves to Find High-end Clients Now!

If you lack high-end clients, there are 5 core reasons why. Get informed as to what is holding you back. Discover these FIVE must-haves to find high-end clients **NOW** who are ready to work with you


5 Powerful Mindsets For More Clients & Cash

You'll learn how to strengthen your confidence in who you are and what you do so you can earn more and attract high-end clients. PLUS 5 Powerful Mindsets for Next Level Profits!


The Fastest & Simplest Path to High-end Clients

You'll learn the #1 way to bring in quick & consistent cashflow without complicated funnels, fancy headshots, or even a website. Sis, this can happen in less than 30 to 90 days - if you implement.

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Praise for the Meant for More Workshop:

This workshop was extremely impactful. Quanisha did an awesome job in creating and presenting the information. It was very interactive and thought-provoking. I have gained so much insight into myself and my business from the very first session. I would highly recommend attending these sessions because they are enlightening and powerful.

Natasha Lewis-Flynn

The topics build on one another and Quanisha shares the what, why, and how for growing your business. For that person who is stuck or paralyzed with their business, this gives you that new wind to create and to have a proven system to get clients and develop programming. It has helped me launch my first Online course!

Tiffany Williams Blassingame

My experience this far has been very rewarding! Q’s carefully planned workshop Meant for More! Is refreshing, all-powerful and ESSENTIAL to entrepreneurs like myself who desire to get it right; for entrepreneurs who want to serve people correctly. Thank You Q for equipping your tribe with the tools and knowledge needed to be profitable powerful and purposeful!-

Erica Boyd

Quanisha is amazing. She has a way that gets straight to the point but is so easy to digest and understand. She gives you actionable steps for you to work on so you dont feel lost or confused about what to do next! You will love this course and will want to keep coming back for more!-

Jamie Newton-Knight

Meant For More (and Quanisha's coaching in general) is a game changer. The concepts shared are relatable, and her highly personalized coaching style is empowering. She is literally able to meet you exactly where you are in your business development, and takes an interest as if she has skin in the game. The programming is results-focused. She is worth her weight in gold, and then some. I highly recommend.

Michelle Ali

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Meet Quanisha.

Quanisha Green, MSS is known around the globe as The Business Growth Strategist for Black Women & the Founder of the only business combining research with proven strategies to help Black women entrepreneurs grow their earning power. Quanisha has touched over 27,000 women through her work. She’s passionate about equipping women with the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

She’s been a featured presenter, master trainer, and consultant for the PowerNetworking Conference, Happy Black Woman, The U.S. Department of State, Bryn Mawr College, and the University of Pennsylvania- to name a few. In 2019, Amazon Web Services named her company "Most Promising Startup." When Quanisha is not teaching & coaching globally, she can be found watching a Shonda Rhimes production or hanging with her husband and two sons.

And grab your workbook- a day-by-day action plan to help implement what you learn!